Aviation Operations Automation

Our Aviation System empowers airlines to be effective retailers and efficient operators. Our solution transform airline and airport operations with our omni-channel retail, merchandising and airport handling system.

Airline Ticket Reservation System with GDS Integration + Mobile Application
We ensure airlines connect to all the worldwide distribution networks and allows individuals and travel agents to book on your airline using their common booking tools.
Passenger Request Processing with Mobile Check-In and Airline CRM
Manage customer itinerary, passenger name record, payment, mobile check-in, and more
Interline and Codeshare Booking with Accounting and Reporting
Book with interline and codeshare partners, with account and settlement reports.
Baggage Handling and Tracking
Process check-in and tracking of passenger baggage and other cargo items with instant status notification on mobile app.
Online Payment Options
We securely integrate Debit Card, Bank Transfer and other convenient payment gateway options for the passenger’s location.
Fleet, Shipping & Logistics

Our Solution helps in management and visibility of your fleets on the road, allowing companies organize and coordinate work vehicles to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

Optimise Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing Operations
Execute complex logistics transactions and manage your logistic operations from a single, easy to use platform. Improving productivity and lowering operations cost.
Management of Fleet, Drivers, Clients, Job Orders and Shipment Items
Track fleet vehicles, monitoring driver behaviour and proper vehicle use. Managing and optimising all aspects of the vehicle fleet. FMS helps ensure vehicle security, safety and efficiency in use.
Create Shipping Label for Ecommerce Deliveries with Location Tracking
Shipping labels for clients to track shipments which shows the complete data of client’s shipment including the location and status. Shipment report can be customized.
Global Shipping Automation
Procurement and delivery of goods around the world with advance cargo tracking system.
Billing, Invoicing and Payments
Create and send electronic invoices and bills with integrated digital payment options.
Planning, Scheduling & Ticketing

Public Transportation and Logistics operations are now complex to plan manually. The simplest operation can have hundreds of variables, making it difficult to manage costs, maximize performance and meet customer expectations.

Manage Toll operations Using a Single Integrated Solution.
With High Speed Cashless Toll Lanes, RFID System, Automatic Vehicle Classification System, Weigh in Motion. We offer simple, intelligent and effective Electronic Toll Collection System.
Rail and Bus Ticketing System
Electronic fare collection for bus and rail services: Replaces cash transactions and paper tickets for passengers to get onboard, providing more convenient passenger experiences.
Route Planning and Scheduling
We develop and implement route planning and scheduling software that is proven to meet the daily challenges of transport operations in public transportation and logistics.