Financial Services
Custom Software for Banking and Financial Services
We work closely with banks, financial institutions, tax and account management companies and of different types and sizes, creating unique software solutions.
Transactional Solutions
We develop banking solutions with advance Document Management, Fraud Protection and Identity Management Systems.
Internet Banking Solution with Customer Portal
Banking CRM and Mobile Application

Off-the-shelf solutions usually address multiple needs and they often neglect specific needs of the banking industry, such as regulatory compliance or risk management. We bridge this gap by consolidating all peculiarities of the banking and finance sector. We customize your software, add and remove functionalities, ensure smooth integration between all banking and finance systems.

Financial, Business Solution for Blockchain Currency Operators
We develop systems for crypto-currency trading and services for individuals and businesses.
Third-Party Integration to Legacy Financial Systems
We design and implement secure information sharing tools between existing systems.
Everything you need for Management of Tax and Accounts
Automated Tax Filing and Accounts solution designed for accountants to efficiently complete year-end compliance with accounts practices.
Simple Accounts and Tax System for
Small and Medium Enterprises

Balance your books, manage client relationship, invoicing, track expenses, projects, payments and reports from our simple bookkeeping, accounting and tax computation solution with automated filing with FIRS and State IRS; It is designed and priced specifically for small and medium sized enterprises.

Financial Intelligence, Tax Management and Audit
We provide financial analytics, insights and vital statistics on a simple, intuitive dashboard.
IPSAS Complaint Financial Statements
Our customizable financial statements and final account is Public Sector Compliant.
Identity and Priviledged Access Management
We ensure optimal security through secure, effective access control in an organization’s infrastructure with Audits and assessments, Risk Identification, Threat control, Data analysis and Finding appropriate access control mechanisms.
Document Storage, Retrieval and Sharing System

All-in-one document automation solution with advanced capabilities to: create documents within minutes, collect e-signatures, simplify workflow, manage approvals and workflows, improve file security, better collaboration, secure file retrieval, version control and integrate with third party systems.

Fraud Protection System
Our Identity Theft Monitoring System reviews every web request to detect unusual or suspicious activity.
Regulatory Compliance
We conduct due diligence, implement technical reviews and consulting on new and existing systems.