Learning Management for Modern Education
Learning and Content Authoring Tools for K12, Tertiary and Professional Education.
School Administration and Student Information
Robust, flexible tools for managing an institution’s administrative processes, student information, human resources and academics.
Education ERP Solution for K12, Tertiary and Professional Training Institutions

Our Education ERP Solution helps institution manage enrollment, student data, course registration with an intuitive student dashboard and also support institutions with tools for teaching, assessment and results; improving performance and efficient school administration.

Student Information
Management of past and present students’ information with APIs for interfacing with other systems.
Fee Management
Create flexible multi-currency student fee invoices, receive payments online and generate reports.
Manage entire institution's learning and administration
Robust and Highly Scalable School and Student Management, Learning and Content Authoring tools for Modern Education, serving Pupils, Students and Instructors of K12, Higher Education, Organizations and Virtual Schools.
Content Authoring, Student Assessment and Review Tools for eLearning Instructors.

Design, publish, and deliver courses across multiple platforms and devices, with built-in access to pre-built layouts, interactions, and quiz templates, so it’s easy to put together a complete course. It is a feature-rich and time saving tool to repurpose existing content and convert legacy resources.

Virtual Classrooms
Instructional tools for live audio-video authoring and delivery, presentation, feedback, collaborative board, in-class quiz and assessment.
Content Development
We support organizations and tutors with creating and reviewing educational and professional contents for online instructional platforms.
Exam Result Processing and Transcript Request System
Flexible result computation and grading system based on adopted standards with an advance transcript request system.
Scalable, Efficient Assessment Tools with Smart Proctoring and Exam Monitor

Invigilate for suspicious activity in online exam with intelligent cheating prevention and assertive actions upon intolerable behaviour. Automatic capture of candidate’s photos during examination at specified intervals. Live coverage of the tests showing details such as candidates taking, completed and dropped tests with their number of attempts, device name, browser, IP address and location details.

Collaborative Authoring
Easy collaboration in development of
quiz and assessment for courses administered by multiple instructors.
Print Reports and Scores
Enables the use of printed reports and analysis to make online testing a better experience for students and tutors.