Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Business Management Solutions
Manage processes to improve collaboration, reduce costs, help your business make data-driven decisions, and advance business productivity.
Customer Relationship Management Streamlined
Connect with customers wherever they are and easily track and follow up with leads, subscribers & clients.

Build long-lasting relations with our feature-rich CRM with ability to convert more leads and grow business revenue.

CRM to manage your entire business needs

Simple, Cost Effective Customer Relationship Management solution to help small and medium sized business manage their operations from one place including bookings, clients, sales, staff, expenses and more.

Customer interactions
Log calls, schedule meetings, maintain contacts, track and store customer emails, handle issues and complaints, and so on.
Schedule Client Contact
Your CRM instance will remind you when it’s a good time to make calls or send emails.
Manage Sales Team
CRM admin tools can help track the performance of your sales team and provide additional help and training where it’s needed.
Track Campaigns
Track results of bulk mail advertising, identify cross-selling opportunities and potential new leads.
Talent Management - Find and attract the best candidates
Complete solution to help hiring managers to organize, monitor, and streamline the hiring process. It compiles hiring data including interviews, resumes, and notes.
Seamless Human Resource Management Tools
for your business needs

Our Human Capital Management tool allows for more agility, transparency, process alignment and access to HR data in real time. With modules like Employee and skills profile management, Flexible organizational structures and modeling, Central administration of benefits, compensation and more.

Centralized Searchable Employee Directory
Customizable employee profiles, Contact information, Search by skills or interests, Staff Changes and Employee timeline.
Appraisal, Competency and Training Management
Tools to analyze the performance of employees, guiding decisions about pay, promotion and training.
Employee Self-Service
Full control over own profile, Direct employee/team interactions and automation of HR processes.
HR Forms and Employee Records Management
Centralized HR repository for Transfer requests, Training request, Grievances, Academic and Career Records Management.
Biometric Time Attendance and Leave Management
Clock in/out/breaks, Configurable work-time, Work efficiency reports, Absence chart and Leave requests.
Payroll Management
Manage the complexity of payroll and time with a single system. Seamless integration to other systems.
Marketing Automation to Accelerate Business Growth
Tools for multi-channel marketing automation. From capturing and nurturing leads to turning them into customers. We provide everything you need to build and grow a successful online business.
Engage and Lead your prospects through
Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Capture and nurture leads, understand your customer’s entire journey, gain insights that lead to revenue,
and build personal relationships at scale.

Sales and Marketing Management
Automated sales reports, forecasts, activity, manage sales territories, analyze marketing and sales programs.
Direct Mail and Fulfillment
Merge, clean and maintain mailing lists, Track and forward leads, customize targeted letters, envelopes and labels.
Salesperson Productivity Tools
Planning and reporting sales calls and expenses, log orders, check inventory, status, distributors, track leads and manage accounts.
Social Media Marketing
Social intelligence tool that allows you to discover new target audiences, segment them and manage sales engagement.